October 15th, 2017

Morning Service

10:45 A.M.

Welcome & Announcements

Prelude & Salutation

Call to Worship

Psalm 52:8-9

* Hymn of Adoration

No. 167 - When Morning Gilds the Skies

* Prayer of Adoration & The Lord’s PrayeR

* Congregational Response

No. 735 - Gloria Patri

* Confession of Faith

Chalcedonian Creed

Reading of God’s Law                    

Exodus 20:13, WLC 136

Elder: What are the sins forbidden in the sixth commandment?

Congregation: The sins forbidden the sixth commandment are, all taking away the life of ourselves or of others, except in case of public justice, lawful war, or necessary defense; the neglecting or withdrawing the lawful and necessary means of preservation of life; sinful anger, hatred, envy desire of revenge; all excessive passions, distracting cares; immoderate use of meat, drink, labor, and recreations; provoking words, oppression, quarreling, striking, wounding and whatsoever else tends to the destruction of the life of any.

Prayer of Confession

Assurance of Pardon 

Psalm 103:11-12

Worship of God with Tithes and Offerings

Hymn of Thanksgiving

No. 691 - It Is Well with My Soul

* doxology

No. 731 - Doxology

* Prayer of Thanksgiving & Supplication

* Scripture REading

Psalm 110:1-7

* hymn of preparation

Psalm 7a, Toulon

The Ministry of the Word             

Rev. Jim McCarthy
Cubic Zirconia Christianity
Mark 12:35-40

* Hymn of Response

No. 264 - Jesus, Keep Me near the Cross

* Congregational Response                            

* Benediction 

Meditation and Postlude


* Congregation standing if able

evening Service

 5:00 P.M. Prayer Meeting, 5:30 P.M. Evening Service

Welcome & Announcements

god's people in prayer

The Church Body


Call To Worship

Psalm 96:7-9

* Hymn of Adoration

No. 382 - God Himself Is with Us

* Prayer of Adoration

* scripture reading

Daniel 9:1-23

Ministry of the Word

Rev. David Burke
The Church's Most Important Task
1 Timothy 2:1-7

The Sacrament of The Lord’s Supper

  • Words Of Institution
  • Invitation and the Warning
  • Prayer of Consecration
  • Distribution of the Elements

* Hymn of Dismissal

No. 628 - Come, My Soul, Thy Suit Prepare

* Benediction