Westminster Missions Committee Update

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

During the next few months we will use our monthly letter to give you a report on the plans and activities of our various Committees.  We will highlight different committees each month providing their goals for the work of our church body.

This month we will highlight the Missions committee and discuss the goal of the committee to provide support for missionaries serving the cause of Christ throughout the world (Matt 24:14).  

As we reported last month, the Missions Committee Invited one of our Westminster supported missionaries and his family to visit us and share his missionary work in Sweden and his new call to an assignment in Lincoln England.  Ben Thomas spoke during the Sunday School hour and during the Fellowship Meal where he shared an update to his ministry. Ben also preached the word as he provided Pulpit Supply for both the morning and the evening worship services.

Ben received a one-time “love offering” through the generous contributions from the congregation.  Ecclesiastes 11:1 Send your grain across the seas, and in time, profits will flow back to you.

Ben, Heidi and their three children were invited to stay with a Westminster family while they were here.  The members of the Missions Committee extend their appreciation and offer thanks to all who made this possible.

The Missions Committee of Westminster Presbyterian Church exists to glorify and enjoy God by structuring this church's obedience to His Great Commission, “Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, Matthew 28:18b.”  The committee strives to nurture obedience to the Great Commission within our church, our community, and the nations by providing education and formation in missions in our worship liturgy, Christian education program, church calendar, and church space.  Westminster members participate in the church's missions through their faithful prayers, financial giving, and involvement in local outreach efforts.

The Missions Committee supports individuals, organizations, and schools that are forming worshippers in our community and among the nations by reserving for them a significant portion of the congregations' offerings.

These are the current missions supported by Westminster:

• Dr. and Mrs. O. Palmer Robertson (African Bible College)

• Ben and Heidi Thomas (England)

• David and Marcia Jones (MTW, England)  

• Donald & Claire-Lise Cobb (MTW, France)

• Rev. Chuck MacArthur (Equipping Pastors International)  

• Ian and Heather Jones (MTW, West Africa)  

• Paul & Crystal Henry (MTW, Thailand)

• Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary   

• City Rescue Mission  

• First Coast Women's Services  

• International Learning Center of Jacksonville  

• Tommy Park (RUF, University of North Florida)  

In Christ,

Bill Cheek (RE)