Services Cancelled Sunday 9/10


Dear Brothers and Sisters,

As hurricane Irma continues to make progress toward Florida its path is becoming more consistently predicted by most of the computer models.  There is little doubt that we will be impacted, but the degree of that impact is still somewhat unknown.  Please be certain that this hurricane has the potential to be the worst hurricane ever to strike the Jacksonville area. 

The 5:00 am Thursday advisory from the Jacksonville Weather Forecast Office shows a 60-70% probability of tropical storm force winds (40 mph+) occurring by 8 am on Saturday.  Once winds reach 40 mph, the City closes all bridges as they deem them unsafe to travel on.  Based on this and other corroborating information the session believes that it is prudent to keep our members off the highways and out of harm’s way.  With this in mind we are cancelling all services which were scheduled on Sunday, 9-10. 

If any of you need assistance with last minute preparations please contact members of the diaconate or the session.  Your session encourages you to keep the Sabbath by holding family devotionals and entering into a season of prayer for all that are in the path of this substantial storm.  We also encourage you to tune into a livestream of a faithful church if possible.  The following churches stream their Lord's Day morning and evening services:

May our sovereign Lord who is worthy of praise in all circumstances guide us and protect us as His power is revealed to an unbelieving world.

Grace and Blessings,

Your session