Children & Youth

The Children’s Ministry & Youth Ministry of Westminster Presbyterian Church exist to glorify and enjoy God by supporting parents in the discipleship of their children, that they might be thoroughly trained in the discipline and instruction of the Lord.



Flowing out of our affirmation that baptized children are part of God’s covenant family, we welcome children into Westminster’s Sunday morning and evening worship services—the center of church life for children as well as adults. Though we provide nursery care and a cry room for youngsters who can’t quite make it through the service, we consider it a joy to practice patience during their small disruptions, as well as to listen to their voices joining ours for their favorite hymns or the Doxology.

To help children feel welcome into the service, and to support them as they learn to participate, we also provide a Children’s Bulletin each Sunday with activities and content connected to each element of the worship service. 

Sunday School

Westminster’s Sunday School program is carefully designed to grow young men and women who, knowing and cherishing the Word of God, are complete and equipped for every good work (2 Tim. 3:17).

Classes for preschool, elementary, middle, and high school students alternate between studying Scripture through the lenses of biblical theology (studying God and His work through the unfolding biblical narrative) and systematic theology (studying God and His work through a systematic investigation of the Bible’s teaching on various topics).

Further, the program seeks to lay a Presbyterian historical and theological foundation by relying heavily and unashamedly on the Westminster Standards (theological affirmations which were articulated by the Westminster Assembly of 1643-1645 and, with Scripture, are the basis of Presbyterian doctrine) and the historic ecumenical creeds (statements of belief formulated by the early church and used by all Christians through the ages).

To learn more about what is studied in any of the children’s classes, read the descriptions below.

Preschool: Introduction to the Bible (ages 2-4)

In the preschool class, students are introduced to over forty of the most memorable, foundational, and Christ-centered stories of the Bible. Children hear and then interact with the stories through games, coloring, crafts, and song. In addition, they memorize several Bible passages throughout the year.

Elementary School: Introduction to Theology (ages 5-7)

In the elementary class, lessons progress through Questions 1-60 of the Children’s Catechism (a series of questions and answers that summarizes the foundations of Scriptural theology) with correlating Scripture passages, songs, and activities. In addition, students memorize the Apostles’ Creed and spend time each week in prayer.

Middle School: Biblical Foundations (ages 8-13)

In the middle school class, students embark on a detailed journey through the whole Bible. Over a five-year rotation, the whole Bible is studied: Genesis through Joshua in Year 1, Judges through Kings in Year 2, Chronicles through Malachi in Year 3, the Gospels in Year 4, and Acts through Revelation in Year Five. Historical, archeological, scientific, and artistic resources are incorporated into this study, deepening students’ understanding of and appreciation for God’s Word.

High School: Theological Foundations (ages 14-18)

In the high school class, students dive into a four-year exploration of the Westminster Standards (the Confession and the Shorter Catechism). In the first year, they study Scripture, God, Creation, Fall, Covenant of Grace (WCF 1-8 & WSC Q. 1-20); in the second year, Christ, Redemption, Good Works, Perseverance & Assurance (WCF 9-18 & WSC Q. 21-38); in the third year, Law of God, Liberty, Sabbath, Magistrate, Marriage (WCF 19-24 & WSC Q. 39-87); and in the final year, Church, Sacraments, Eschatology (WCF 25-33 & WSC 88-107). In addition, they memorize the Nicene Creed and study the Chalcedonian Creed.

Summer Retreat

Each summer for the past few years, Westminster’s junior high and high school students have had the opportunity to attend the pastor-led Tri-State PCA camp at Ridge Haven, the PCA’s denominational camp in the Blue Ridge Mountains near Brevard, NC. This week of hiking, swimming, and adventuring in God’s beautiful world while singing and studying from God’s Word has been graciously used to disciple minds, renew joy, bring rest, and nurture godly fellowship among Westminster’s youth . . . not to mention, provide some quite memorable tall tales and pictures.